Saturday, July 30, 2016

Holy Heat Batman!

"Well the temperature's rising, it isn't suprising, we certainly can can-can"
I have no great desire to dance during our recent heat wave. It almost hit 100 degrees here in New York last week.  I even curtailed some of my outdoor activities--not at all like me!

I performed three weddings last week.  One was super-windy and the Unity Candle ceremony was a bust.  The couple had already been legally married the night before in a church and I was the "friend wedding" officiant.  They even forgot the rings!  How did that happen, when they were already married?

Next day was way out on Long Island at a beautiful venue.  The bride was super-anxious about the heat and I reassured her earlier in the week that I would make it super quick.  I didn't want to short change her but she was very nervous.  The groom was cool and calm!  They had been together since high school so I guess it wasn't a big deal to him!  It WAS hot--water was available thanks to the venue and nobody melted.  I took off to regroup and marry the last twosome.

The last couple were two women who wanted to get married at the beach.  I opened up our family beach house to them.  They were also Interfaith-Jewish and Christian-so we had a reading about the Temple and how one has to die to find their true soulmate who was always waiting for them.  So beautiful.  Two lightbulbs crushed and a "Mazel Tov"!!  They were having their big bash in Cancun this week and I wish them much love and joy on this next journey.

You can't beat the heat.  I love what I do for couples and have to say it's definitely a ministry.  I said last summer that I wouldn't have weddings every weekend again.  August is my anniversary month and want to spend some quality weekends with my hubby.  He sometimes is my chauffeur and then we go out to a nice dinner somewhere on the way home.  He supports my ministry and loves telling people I'm a minister.  He had been in a Catholic Seminary after high school for 6 years and he should have been the Reverend Brownyard.  Instead, the female Brownyard in the partnership holds that title! 

Blogging in the AC--remind me of this in January!

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